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The Problem

Scheduling an appointment

Why is it so hard to set up an appointment to see a home? You have to call your agent repeatedly, play phone tag, arrange a time that works for your agent and your family, and exhaust tons of extra calls and energy to see if the appointment is confirmed. Competition is fierce in today’s hot real estate market, and getting into a home quickly is VITAL. Every minute spent waiting for a call back puts you one step further away from making your dream home a reality.

Viewing the home

Why is it so hard to walk through a home showing at your own pace? Deciding if a home is right for your family is an intimate and thoughtful process. It shouldn’t be rushed. When looking for a new home, you shouldn’t have to find yourself with a pushy agent snooping over your shoulder. They point out obvious things like “a family room”, and rush you through because they have other showings they need to get to.

Offer Process

Why is it so hard to put an offer in on a home that you love? It requires all buyers meeting an agent in an office, scheduling that meeting, reviewing complicated paperwork, tons of manual signatures, lots of paper and after all the confusion-a check book. Who uses a check book anymore?

Our Solution


Don’t ever miss out on your dream home! Schedule a showing at a time that works for you with just the click of a button. You will automatically receive confirmation on your ZipTours app when the homeowner accepts your showing. Our team is available twelve hours a day, seven days a week, so you can schedule a showing at your convenience! Set up one or twenty showings in a day, your schedule is at your own fingertips!


Simply click “View Home” on your ZipTours app when you arrive for your showing. You will instantly be connected to a real estate agent streaming live to your phone. Invest as much, or as little, time as you need in the home to make a sound decision for your family.


Simply click “Make an Offer” in your ZipTours app after you view a home your family loves. Answer eight questions to submit an offer online in minutes! We’ll provide an estimate of your payment, funds needed to close, and offer strength through our exclusive ZipScore technology. Want to discuss your offer with an expert? Click “Discuss with an Expert” and our real estate agent will contact you directly to help strategize.