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I'm a Buyer

First Time Buyer Program

Use ZipTours to purchase your first home, and you’ll receive a 1% rebate after closing! In addition to saving you money, our exclusive ZipOffer tool makes submitting an offer as simple as possible. Just answer eight simple questions, and our team will do the rest! Unlike other brokerages that require you to write a check, our technology allows you to submit your earnest money deposit directly from your debit card.

Buying your first home is a big decision, and our team of experts is here to help! Have a question? Ask away! We’re ready and waiting to you get into your first home!

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Guaranteed Sale

Use ZipTours to purchase a home, and we’ll agree to sell your home for FREE-or we’ll buy it! That’s right! We’re so confident that our selling system is THE BEST WAY to get you top dollar, that if we’re not successful-we’ll purchase it.

When you use ZipTours to list your home, you get a team of experts and a comprehensive marketing package that makes sure your home is being seen by thousands of potential buyers!

· Professional Photography

· Virtual Staging

· Digital Marketing on All Major Real Estate Sites

· Call Center to Handle Inquiries

· Exclusive ZipTours “Open House Every Day” Software to Capture More Buyers

Many brokerages claim to sell your home for free, but ZipTours is the only full-service brokerage that actually delivers! If you sell your $300k home with a traditional listing agent, you’ll pay them about 3%, or $10k. Buy a new home with ZipTours, and you will pay $0 when we sell your old home. You don’t have to give away thousands of your hard earned dollars. It’s that simple!

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It takes just 30 seconds to find out what your home is worth!

Investment Buyer Program

Use ZipTours to purchase investment properties, and watch the savings grow! Become a Gold Client by using ZipTours five times, and receive a 2% rebate on each home we help you buy.

Home 1: 1% Rebate

Home 2: 1.25% Rebate

Home 3: 1.5% Rebate

Home 4: 1.75% Rebate

Home 5+: 2% Rebate

Get a free home evaluation.

It takes just 30 seconds to find out what your home is worth!

I'm a Renter

Rent to Own

Would you like to have the stability of owning your own home, without the risk of the market falling? Do you want to get into a great home now, but aren’t quite ready to buy? Rent-to-Own might be just the solution you’re looking for! The process is simple.

1. Place a non-refundable option fee on a property with a fixed purchase price.

2. Move into your new rental home.

3. By an agreed upon date, or when you feel you’re ready, buy the home at the fixed purchase price.

If your situation changes, or the market falls, you always have the option to opt-out of purchasing the home. You will only lose the option fee you placed in the beginning of the agreement.

Executive Rental Program

Looking for a luxury rental property? We have Metro Detroit’s largest database of high-end single-family homes that are for rent. Our team of rental experts creates a custom profile that will be irresistible to any landlord. Our executive profiles and relationships with local management companies can help drive down your rent, and move your application to the top. Great rental homes go fast. Don’t wait! Allow us to get you to the front of the line!

Renters Advocate Program

Our team understands that bad things can happen to good people. That’s why we created our exclusive Renter’s Advocate Program.

When you use ZipTours to look for your rental property, we’ll negotiate on your behalf to help get your lease accepted. It takes just three simple steps.

1. Find a property by searching below

2. Have a brief call with one of our rental advocacy experts

3. Let us go to work for you.

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I'm a Landlord

Property Management

Hire ZipTours to manage your property, and we’ll Guarantee that your tenant pays for the full lease term-or we’ll re-fill the home for FREE! That’s not all! If you purchase a new home with ZipTours, we’ll manage your old home for FREE!

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Professional Investor Filling and Management

ZipTours can manage homes across the country, allowing you to consolidate all property filling and management through one central location. We are the only non-franchise solution to fill your homes everywhere.

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I'm a Real Estate Professional

ZipTours for Agents

If you are a real estate professional interested in learning how you can learn ZipTours contact us today at 800-331-0646.

I'm a Builder

ZipTours for Builders

Have an open house every day!

ZipTours is able to open your models every day of the week. Here’s how it works.

1. Place an “Open House Today” sign in front of the Model

2. Place the provided electronic lockbox on the Model’s door

3. Customers call in and are connected to our agents, or yours, by a live video feed

4. Customer walks through home

5. Customer’s information and video of the tour is forwarded to you for follow-up and contract information

What does it cost?

$100/mo per model

Is there a minimum?

Nope! Start as big, or as small, as you would like. We work with local builders, and the big national builders.

Whether it’s one home, or one hundred homes, we can accommodate your needs!

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